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Hi, I’m Annéke da Silva, the owner of GlowFit Training.

I have always believed that a person should take a holistic approach in providing health and well-being to your clients. This would include exercise, nutrition and in providing guidance and support. In order to provide the best foundation for following my passion I completed my degree in B.Sc Human Movement Sciences & Nutrition at the University of Potchefstroom. I was thereafter admitted into postgraduate study where I completed my B.Sc Honours in Sport Science.  I spent a considerable amount of time completing the Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist course facilitated by FitForBirth™.

Having worked with clients for some time now I have built up a successful track record to which any of them would attest to. It is during these daily interactions with my clients and moms-to-be that I realised the importance of providing further support in these difficult and often trying times. Having spent a considerable time with each lady during the course of our exercise programs I believe that a closer and more trusting relationship is developed which leads itself to a strong support system as defined by a Doula – which is the little extra cherry on top I get to add to the experience I offer any lady who decides to train with me and I get to walk the full circle with her!

I have heard way too many moms and moms-to-be complain about bad pregnancy & birth experiences, incorrect information being given to them and also not knowing that exercise is even allowed during pregnancy. and I want to help them see all the amazing benefits there is to maintaining an active lifestyle during this phase!

Hi, I’m Annéke!

I am here to guide and assist you towards becoming a stronger, healthier & more resilient version of yourself in every phase of life you approach.  I look forward to sharing in your journey!

“Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.” –Ani DiFranco

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