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This programme is designed for women who are 6-16 weeks postpartum.  Exercises are safe and effective in rebuilding your stamina & strength while keeping the delicate postpartum period in mind.  Safe core exercises, intensity builds back up progressively and challenging enough to make you break a sweat and feel like you are getting a good workout!


4 Week programme with 4 days per week


Includes 1x Zoom session to go through the exercises to ensure you are performing them safely and correctly.


Once you have checked out you will receive an invoice from me with payment details and once your payment has been received you will get another email with the download link to your purchased programme.

Postpartum Exercise Plan

  • This programme is not safe for women who are less than 6 weeks postpartum OR women who are experiencing extreme diastasis recti (abdominal separation).  Please refer to my Postpartum Core Rehab programme first before engaging in a higher intensity form of exercise again.

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