Postnatal recovery - Why patience is key!

Recovery after baby is born is of utmost importance and how you rehabilitate your body will have long lasting effects on your body. Not only does internal & external healing play a role, but the lack of sleep you will be experiencing along with adapting to this new little pair of feet in your house takes a toll on your mental health as well. You need to be gentle and patient with yourself - after all, you didn't gain all that baby weight over night so you can't expect to just drop it in a few days' time either! Movement and exercise are great ways to help rehab & strengthen your body, feel energised again and start getting back to your old self. Isn't that what any new-mom wants? Buy where

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

So you just found out you are pregnant - now what? Your mind is probably running wild with questions like “Is it safe to still train?”, “What exercises can I do that is safe?” and “What if I haven’t trained prior to pregnancy?”. You will be surprised to hear that it is actually encouraged and recommended that you maintain as active as possible during your pregnancy – not only for your own health and wellness but the little bundle of joy growing inside of you as well! Yes, there are actual benefits for your baby as well if you keep up an active lifestyle throughout your 9 months of pregnancy. So if you ever wondered what the actual benefits of training during pregnancy is and why it comes hi

Alcohol use during your pregnancy

So you have heard that it is “okay” to drink a “small” amount of alcohol during pregnancy? Let’s have a little closer look at alcohol use during pregnancy & why it might be better to just hang in there for 9 months and avoid alcohol all together. “Small” amount of alcohol How much exactly is this “small amount” of alcohol that is presumably safe during pregnancy? The fact is there is no known safe amount of alcohol to drink while being pregnant or even when trying to fall pregnant. There is also no known safe time during pregnancy to drink. All types of alcohol are harmful, including all wines, spritzers & beer – alcohol is alcohol doesn’t matter the concentration. When a pregnant woman d

Fit after your C-section

Yes - you are actually allowed to do exercise after a C-section, BUT going at it in the gym after your C-section will however have to wait. Here I have some tips and tricks of how soon you can start & what is considered safe after you had your C-section. First things first..... Healing doesn't take place over night - be realistic about your goals post-baby. You didn't pick up the extra baby weight over night so don't expect to get rid of it just like that. A C-section is a big operation and it is really important to be patient with your recovery process for proper healing to take place. The first 6 weeks are critical for healing so make sure you don't do anything to straining on your body

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